In cooperation with the famous frame builder Dario Pegoretti, the Industrial Design class and my Graphic Design class created a new brand of bike accessories named "Più di Pegoretti" (engl. "more from the master"). 

I got the unique chance to realize my graphic solution for the poncho. The pattern shows an ironic answer to the waterrepellent material and point the saying “squeezed like sardines in a tin“ in a discreet way. The pattern also itensifies the circle form of the poncho with its different interpretation of rain drop rings on the water surface. In contrast to the photographed blue-green shiny fishes I chose an illustrative orange mesh for component which also calls attention to other road users and increases the security of the bicyclist.

The ready-made product was presented to the public under the auspices of the Furniture Fair Milan 2016 in the traditionrich Manufactory Rossignoli.

In cooperation with the Industrial Designers Freia Achenbach and David Gebka

Photos: Julia Nguyen and Marlene Kehle // Anna Haag and Lisa Arlt